About me

I’m Alessandro Mingione, a designer from Rome, Italy, living in Oakland, California. For the past six years I’ve been designing security and privacy software.

I started at Palantir, where I led Design for the Foundry Security product area and collaborated with the Privacy and Civil Liberties team.

I then briefly contracted for Tonic, a startup that combines synthetic data and AI to create fake datasets that behave like the real deal.

I’m now at Tailscale, where we are building the new internet, an internet of tiny, decentralized, interconnected internets. Realizing that not everything has to be built for “internet scale”, we build for humans at the tail end of the scale, making the most out of encryption and the powerful dynamics of small social groups.

Søren Solkær's Black Sun depicts a flock of starlings congregating and forming fluid shapes
©️ Søren Solkær
  • Tailscale
    2021 –
  • Various startups
    2020 –
    • Palantir
      Design Group Lead
      2018 – 20
    • Product Designer
      2013 – 18
    • Product Design Intern
  • ALA
    2010 –
  • Various clients
    Brand Designer
    2010 – 13
  • Stanford Continuing Studies
    2020 – 21
  • IUAV Venezia
    Interaction Design
    2012 – 13
  • HGB Leipzig
    Type Design
    2011 – 12
  • ABA Roma
    Editorial Design
    2009 – 12
  • ISIA Roma
    Industrial Design
When I'm not designing

You may find me sipping Taiwanese oolongs, hunting vintage menswear, and listening to hard bop, and funky jazz.

I keep a visual journal of food vessels immortalized after theyʼve served their purpose.